5 Easy Tips to Instantly Upgrade your Bedroom

Do you find your bedroom dull, tired, and perhaps a little bit boring, and would like to jazz it up a notch?

We get it!

After all, if you’re anything like us, that’s one of the rooms you probably spend the most time in.

And for this very reason, it should be a relaxing space, providing you with an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After spending time in this sanctuary, you should feel re-energized and ready to tackle anything!

Yet, lack of time, money, or interior design flair might have prevented you from turning your bedroom into the haven you deserve.

Sound like you?

Fortunately, we’re here to help ;) To assist you, we’ve listed below five easy ways to instantly glam up your bedroom!

Apply a New Wallpaper

Applying a new wallpaper to your bedroom can significantly upgrade the feel of your space.

Indeed, a beautifully crafted wallpaper can help you create an accent wall, instantly elevating your room. Now, an accent wall can be used to create a striking contrast with the rest of the room, highlight interesting features, or as a focal point to add interest to the bedroom. As a result, creating an accent wall is an easy and inexpensive way to emulate a sophisticated designer look in your bedroom, and provide a luxury feel to the space.

Besides, not only can wallpaper enhance the overall look of your bedroom, but it can also help brighten it up and breathe some life into it.

That’s right, by allowing you to dress your walls to impress, some textured and patterned wallpapers can really turn a boring bedroom into a vibrant and exciting space! Some of the latest wallcovering trends include both nature-inspired and botanical seamless patterns and darker and more dramatic designs, along with murals, panels, and bold palettes.

Add Plants to the Room

What better way to freshen up your bedroom than by adding a few luscious plants to it?

Indeed, plants are a fantastic way to bring a splash of color to a neutral or dull bedroom and breathe some life into your space. Besides, adding some carefully curated plants to your room can help you create a peaceful retreat within your home.

And as if that wasn’t enough, plants can help purify your air, and boost your mood!

Of course, their versatile function has made them a popular decoration item over the last few years. From the Monstera deliciosa and Devil’s Ivy to the tropical bird of paradise, indoor plants have gained popularity in recent years. And if you don’t have a garden but would love to, know that the hugely popular nature-inspired decoration trend has now moved to the next level with indoor trees!!  That’s simply because indoor trees allow home dwellers to brighten up their space while feeling connected to nature.

For instance, you can place a Kentia Palm or Banana leaf plant in your bedroom to add a touch of the tropics to your interior or an olive tree for a Mediterranean atmosphere.

These will be sure to instantly transport you to a foreign land from the comfort of your own bed ;)

Upgrade Your Bedding

Purchasing stunning and high-quality bedding can instantly glam up your bedroom and give it a more luxurious feel.

Indeed, using crisp white sheets with a gorgeous and premium duvet featuring high-quality finishes such as Alicetods’ mulberry silk duvet can quickly turn a dull bedroom into a luxurious retreat!

Besides, did you know that the average person spends about 12,045 days in bed (or 33 years) either sleeping or trying to?

Crazy, isn’t it?

Now that we know that it becomes pretty obvious that investing in high-quality, comfortable, and durable bedding is essential! After all, there is nothing worse than tossing and turning in a bed with scratchy sheets… And sure, high-quality mulberry silk bedding might be more expensive than traditional sheets, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to give your bedroom a luxury feel while ensuring a great night’s sleep. Besides, you can maximize the use of mulberry silk bedding due to its durability.

Accessorise your Sleeping Sanctuary

Combining high-quality bedding accessories such as faux fur throws or handwoven weighted blankets and plush velvet, silk, leather, or wool cushions with your premium sheets and duvet can really add a luxury boutique feel to your space. Imagine feeling as if you were stepping into a luxury hotel room every time you open the door just by adding some gorgeous accessories to your bed!

If you’re using white sheets for their premium look, we’d recommend that you add a bit of colour to the room with the cushions and throws. For instance, you can use a handful of accent pieces such as a few bright pillows or a patterned throw to break up the space without making it feel too busy or overpowering.

You can also purchase a couple of rugs to add some warmth and character to the room. And don’t be afraid to play with patterns and textures to add some depth and sophistication to your bedroom as well.

Some other powerful accessories you can utilise to improve the overall look of your sleeping sanctuary include art pieces, mirrors, and lamps. When shopping for lighting, make sure to pick statement bedside table lamps or gorgeous sconces that will make an impact on your room and give it a sleek designer look.

Focus on Window Treatment for your Bedroom

Window treatment is often overlooked, yet it’s one of the most efficient ways to style up a bedroom and give it a modern and luxurious look.

Indeed, sad-looking drapes or tired curtains can really make your bedroom look dull and prevent you from enjoying your space. On the other hand, adding classic crisp white shutters, or contemporary roller blinds will immediately dress your bedroom window and inject some character and life into your space.

Some other great ideas include using gorgeous, patterned curtains in a neutral bedroom, adding whimsical light linen curtains to a darker bedroom, or installing light wooden Venetian blinds to add a wooden accent to the room.

We hope you enjoyed this article and got some great inspiration from it. Do you have a favorite way to enhance your bedroom? If that’s the case, we’d love to read all about it in the comment section below!

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