A Year-Round Guide to Silk Bedding: 5 Healthy Summer Picks

Summer is here! With the rising temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about what you should wear to bed at night. If you want something light and cool, silk might be a perfect choice for your summertime sleeping needs. Here are 10 healthy summer picks that will keep you feeling refreshed all season long!

Get a good night’s sleep with silk filling blanket in summer

Silk is like the perfect summer bedding because it keeps you cool at night and naturally regulates your body temperature. It’s also an excellent choice for those with allergies or asthma since silk doesn’t contain allergenic proteins that can trigger reactions in sensitive people when dust mites are present. Silk filling will never get overheated during a hot spell so you’ll enjoy uninterrupted sleep even if temperatures go up past what feels comfortable to most of us!

We have been working hard for the last several months trying to find you a good product that we can recommend. After much research and testing, our team came up with 5 products that are worth your consideration this season:

1.CUDDLE DREAMS Silk Comforter for Spring/ Summer/ Fall

CUDDLE DREAMS with a silk comforter is pure bliss. The long-strand, hand-pulled filling offers the perfect balance of comfort and weightlessness that will keep you warm all night without feeling too hot or heavy. Plus, it’s breathable so your body temperature can stay more stable throughout the evening for better sleep quality!

Size: for kids, 60 inches by 50 inches (152 centimeters x 127 centimeters), Total Weight 1.87 pounds (.85 kilograms), Silk Filling Weighs 0.66 pounds (.3 kilograms). Suitable to be used in the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.

2.LilySilk All-Season White Silk Comforter

This handcrafted silk duvet is filled with premium long-strand mulberry silk that resists breakage and prolongs the life of your silky covers. Decent as a gift for anyone you love, this all-season cover has 100% cotton to keep it soft but not too thick or heavy like down comforters are in winter. Breathable during summer heatwaves, these cool-to-warm handmade goods will be perfect for any bedroom!

3.EP Mode Luxury Mulberry Silk Blanket

This silk blanket is the perfect balance of luxury and practical. The lightweight fabric will regulate your body temperature, making it a fantastic option for year-round use! This soft material feels amazing against the skin with its natural breathability to keep you comfortable without causing any irritations or allergies as well. No matter what time of day, in winter when you need more warmth on those cold nights or summer mornings where this light drape can be pulled over yourself while lying under your covers – Silk has got you covered (pun totally intended).

4.Fishers Finery Microfiber Blanket

Explore the world with this 100% Bamboo Viscose throw blanket. Soft, durable, and available in a variety of colors to suit your moods or decor! This luxurious silk trim border on all edges will add an elegant touch that’ll last year after year!

5.Natural Home Silk Duvet Insert

AliceTod is the creator of a silk comforter that will offer you ultimate comfort, luxury, and breathability. The outer fabric shell consists of 100% premium cotton which offers this item an elegant look with impeccable quality. There are small zippers on each side for filling inspection purposes; fillers include natural long strand silk floss or down stuffing as desired by your needs during warmer seasons (silk has been proven to be hypoallergenic). Silk can regulate temperature wondrously whatever season it may be – hot or cold outside!

Take Away

Summer is here! You might be wondering what type of clothes you should wear to bed at night. If you want something light and cool, silk might be a perfect choice for your summertime sleeping needs. Silk can also help regulate the body’s temperature which makes it an excellent fabric to sleep in when the temperatures are high outside. Have you picked out any new pieces that will keep you feeling refreshed all season long?

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