ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat
ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat
ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat
ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat
ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat
ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat

ALICETODā„¢ Natural Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat



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  • šŸŒæ SGS Certified
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The AliceTod cork mat is made from eco-friendly cork, which is harvested in a sustainable way that avoids cutting down trees.

This cork mat provides a smooth, non-slip surface that grips the floor but does not slide during hot yoga sessions. The TPE bottom also lays flat for an added grip when working out and is naturally antimicrobial as well!

This high-performance mat is lightweight yet durable and will revolutionize your practice. At 61cm wide, it's ideal for travel or home use.

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The top layer is made of natural cork to increase grip when wet, making it perfect for hot yoga. The bottom is non-toxic TPE that's lightweight and comfortableā€”making this mat great for any type of workout.
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Our beautiful mat was engineered with premium Portuguese cork. Non-slip, just the right amount of cushionā€”and minimal cleaning required.
  • BODY ALIGNMENT LINES: These body lines can help you find proper posture and improve your yoga, especially for beginners. They are great for use in hot yoga, pilates (especially with The Mat), Bikram, and any other sweaty practiceā€”as well as on the floor during stretching/meditation!
  • Fashion & Comfort: Get ready to practice with more style and comfort! Created for men and women of all experience levels and fitness backgrounds, including beginners or an athlete. Suitable for any type of yoga or workout, including hot yoga, Bikram pilates abs training aerobics, etc
Dimensions:Ā 72ā€˜ā€™L xĀ 24ā€˜ā€™W x 1/4''TH
Weight:Ā Approx 1.9lb

Top: 100% natural cork
Bottom: 100% biodegradable TPE

As yogis, we cherish the creed of ahimsa or non-violence. That makes it cumbersome to practice on a yoga mat that ends up clogging up landfills for decades.

Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually made from natural rubber or recycled rubber. These yoga mats may also include natural materials such as jute or organic cotton.

If being eco-friendly is important to you, avoid yoga mats made of PVC (traditional sticky mats), which won't break down in landfills and are difficult and expensive to recycle. Rubber, jute, and cotton yoga mats, while available in a variety of thicknesses, tend to be thicker and smoother than PVC mats. You can get an eco-friendly yoga mat that's thick enough to meet your needs for comfort and portability, with textures that prevent slipping (like a raised geometric pattern).

  • To clean your mat, wipe down with a 80/20 mixture of water and vinegar. Ā 
  • Let the yoga mat air dry completely before rolling it back up. Ā 
  • Clean mat before first use to increase stickiness.
  • If mat is too slippery, slightly wet your hands or lightly spritz with water for a better grip.
  • There may be some rubber smell, leave it open for a few days to air out.
  • Do not use this product if you have a rubber allergy.
  • Do not leave it in direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Feels good, smells good, looks good, and really helps me keep steady during practice. It feels solid. The cork isn't super thick so I worry it might wear over time but haven't seen any evidence of that yet. Love it.

Frank Butterfield
Best. On the internet

I like the feel of cork - especially when the room is warm. I donā€™t feel like I stick to the mat, or that there is a great deal of effort to keep it neat

Stefhany MD

After many allergic reactions to the toxins the basic yoga mats release, I began my search for an eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mat. After some research I learned that cork yoga matā€™s are the best route to go and I happen to come across this one. Absolutely LOVE the cork material it is made of, itā€™s soft and flexible. When I have previously gotten it wet, I was surprised that it was not slippery! Excited to continue to utilize this mat for the rest of my classes.

Great mat!

Looking for a new yoga mat after mine died. I chose this one because it was longer and wider than my previous one and it works well with having a child running around or wanting to be involved! It's 5mm thick which is perfect since I have tile floors and bad knees. You can barely feel through it and it's very soft! It's great for at home and when I go into the yoga studio. My favorite part is the nonslip though! Most mats I've tried slide around during different moves and this one was perfect. 10/10 would definitely buy again!

Comfort and ease

This mat is very comfortable and supportive. Since I have arthritis, this is an especially important feature. The mat is easy to care for and always looks great.

Shelby McClure
So impressed with this cork yoga mat! Highly recommend.

I canā€™t even begin to express how impressed I am with this cork yoga mat! It was much more solid and even longer than I expected (both are good things!). The material is so soft and flexible. Iā€™m excited to try this out in my next class. Highly recommend!

Very pleased

Well made looks good does the job.

Love this mat!

Love this mat! The extra length really helps me stay focused without falling off the ends of my mat. The cork is soft and grippy and just the right amount of cushion on my knees. Thank you for the followup email as well, itā€™s an example of great customer service!

Samantha B.
It's great!

My family has been loving this mat for doing pilates, it is comfortable and does not slip. I love that it is made out of sustainable materials, and I believe I will be using this for a long time.

I absolutely adore this mat. It's a bit heavy, but worth the weight.

I've owned this mat for several months of regular use now. It's in the same condition as when it arrived, and I absolutely love the natural feel of the cork when doing yoga on it. It really grips well when wet, so if you give it a little spritz with water, a hot yoga class will go really nicely with this. It doesn't slip or stretch out on any surface, and I've found that the material wipes off and dries nicely when hung over my staircase banister to dry. I would recommend actually cleaning it off properly with a gentle soap and water on a washcloth every now and then, as I've found it can grow to become slightly greasy to the touch if you have left a lot of sweat on it. It's definitely not the lightest mat if you're hoping to lug it around, but it is definitely sturdy and nice. I'd buy it again if somehow this thing wears out on me!

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