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The Alicetod Fresh Mat is a 5mm thick mat that will be perfect for beginners and advanced yogis. With its anti-slip and anti-sweat properties, you can expect superior grip and stability while performing your favorite poses.


  • Grippy: Designed to stay in place even when wet, its anti-odor and dry-wicking features keep it fresh even after months of use.
  • Better Support: With its 5mm thickness and cut-to-fit design, this mat has been designed to allow for the most supple and comfortable yoga practice possible.
  • Joint-Friendly: It's roomy, smooth, soft, and cushioned, giving you the support you need for a joint-friendly practice.
  • Echo-Friendly: Made with natural, biodegradable rubber that is 100% formaldehyde-free, PVC-free, non-toxic, and contains no TPE.
  • More Colors: Available in multiple colors to suit your style. See all colors of fresh yoga mats.

Dimensions:Ā 72''L xĀ 27ā€˜ā€™W x 1/6''TH
Weight:Ā ApproxĀ 6.2lb
Multi-Colors Available:: Avocado, Black, Brown, Gray, Light-Blue, Orange, Purple,Ā 

Top: 100% polyurethane leather
Bottom: 100% natural rubber

As yogis, we cherish the creed of ahimsa or non-violence. That makes it cumbersome to practice on a yoga mat that ends up clogging up landfills for decades.

Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually made from natural rubber or recycled rubber. These yoga mats may also include natural materials such as jute or organic cotton.

If being eco-friendly is important to you, avoid yoga mats made of PVC (traditional sticky mats), which won't break down in landfills and are difficult and expensive to recycle. Rubber, jute, and cotton yoga mats, while available in a variety of thicknesses, tend to be thicker and smoother than PVC mats. You can get an eco-friendly yoga mat that's thick enough to meet your needs for comfort and portability, with textures that prevent slipping (like a raised geometric pattern).

  • Always roll mat with top of mat side facing out. Rolling in opposite direction can damage mat surface.
  • Wipe top of mat with a microfiber cloth after use. If using solution, apply it to the cloth first; do not apply it directly on the mat. We recommend using a 1:20 solution of oil-free soap or vinegar & warm water.
  • To protect the top of the mat, try to avoid having lotions or rings on hands or feet before practice.
  • Protect the top of your yoga mat by keeping it in a clean and dry space away from sharp edges, liquids, and lotions.
  • The mat is not machine washable.
  • There may be some rubber smell, leave it open for a few days to air out.
  • Do not use this product if you have a rubber allergy.
  • Do not leave it in direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Very nice!

My hands no longer slip and the light cushioning is perfectly comfortable for my knees and wrists.

Angelique Di Domenico
Really great mat

I love this mat. I don't slip at all when my hands get sweaty and it has a smooth finish to it. Also its pretty padded and supports my knees and head also for headstand. I highly recommend this mat!

It made a believer out of me

I bought this as a "gift" to myself, and this mat does a great job of providing stability when I need it most. I'm very happy with this one and have no problems recommending it to others.

Great for hot yoga

Perfect for hot classes, non slippery even though I donā€™t use towel, easy to clean, but follow the instructions how to clean and take care of it. I donā€™t use any kind of cleaner, just wet towel wipe it down after each use and let it air dry. Do not leave it in direct sun.

Rick Medugno
My wife loves this mat!

I think it's crazy to spend $129 on a yoga mat but I'm not using it. She loves it and I love her, so 5 ā­'s

the best mat I have ever owned

This is, by far, the best mat I have ever owned.

Internet Person
One of the best gifts I've bought

Bought this for my wife who had been using a cheap one and she couldn't be happier. I bought this awhile ago now and she still tells me how much she loves it. Her favorite parts are the feel of it on her skin and how the add sturdiness has improved her ability to do many positions. Highly highly recommended.

Manny A
Great Investment

I had used cheaper yoga mats before and I always found the comfort to be lacking, as well as the grip. I love this yoga mat, the size is great, the grip; even while I am doing hot yoga is awesome. The amount of support it offers is practice changing, I highly recommend this mat, worth every penny.

No yoga towel needed

I was skeptical for a long time about this mat. It is heavy, but the grip is great! No yoga towel needed.

S. zolnoor
The last mat you'll ever buy

If I could give it 10 stars I would--for both the product and the customer service!! This mat is magic. It really does what it says it does. I don't know how I've gotten along without it. If you're on the fence, go for it. You won't be sorry.

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