Answer: It is recommended to buy two catties for air conditioners in summer; 4 catties in spring and autumn and 6 catties in winter. It is recommended to buy a double quilt, one 2 catties and one 4 catties, and two buckles together are 6 catties in winter. (According to local climate)
Question: Is it real mulberry silk? Can you shoot Shuanggong silk hair tussah silk?
Answer: 100% silk, a penalty of ten for false. We have five grades of tussah silk, single palace silk, special double palace silk, selected double palace silk, and gold silk. What grade is sent for what grade is shot? All silk quilts have a one-meter inspection opening, and the inner quilt is clearly visible.

Answer: Tussah silkworm is mainly produced in the north. Its main food is tussah tree leaves. The color of the silk is dark brown. The softness and comfort of the quilt is a little bit worse than that of southern mulberry silk. The warmth retention and air permeability are the same as that of mulberry silk; Mulberry silk single palace silk is a cocoon formed by a single silkworm. Double palace silk is a cocoon formed by two silkworm babies. Therefore, the double palace is larger than the single palace, and the silk produced is more fluffy, longer in texture, and more hand-feeling. Comfortable. The difference between the special double palace and the selected double palace is that the silk quality of the special double palace has slight tendons, and the silk quality of the selected double palace silk is uniform in thickness and without tendons; the fluffy degree of the golden silk is 3 of that of the double palace silk. Double, fluffy and soft, mulberry silk has a natural sourness of silkworm pupa, while golden silk is a natural mulberry bud tea fragrance, pleasant fragrance, and a boon for people who are sensitive to the smell.

Answer: Our tire cover fabrics are made of environmentally friendly Xinjiang cotton. Pure cotton has three densities of 40, 60, and 80. There will be no drilling in any of them. The higher the value, the more delicate the fabric. The better the skin feel.

Answer: If the silk quilt marked as non-washable is not washable, 33% of the area of ​​the fine silk fiber is hollow. The function of these small pores is to absorb moisture and breathe. If it is washed in water, it will absorb metal ions such as calcium and magnesium ions in the water, causing the silk to harden, and the feeling will become hard and yellow. Silk quilts should not be exposed to the sun, and can be hung on the balcony for one hour to ventilate.

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