Momme In Silk Fabric – Understanding Different Types

Momme is a term used in silk fabric to indicate the weight of the fabric. It determines how heavy the fabric will be and what kind of uses it can serve. There are a couple of different Mommés that you may come across, such as momme taffeta and momme georgette. In this article, we will discuss momme taffeta, which is one of the most common kinds available today.

What is momme in silk fabric?

Momme refers to the thickness of fabric, and in this case, it is silk.

What exactly does Mommés refer to? Momme measures how thick a piece of silk or other types of cloth will be after weaving. It also indicates the weight per square inch (g/m2).

Why is momme important for the quality of fabric?

Any fabric is going to be of a certain quality considering the type and weight. What makes it even more so though, are all those little details that go into making them like momme measurements for example; something you would never really think about when buying clothes but they have incredible importance in what can make or break your day!

Mommé refers to how many threads per inch there are on any given fabric. A good rule of thumb when looking at fabrics online before purchasing should always look for this number as well since different weights require varying numbers depending on their thickness and coarseness which affects their durability and softness.

How to determine the weight of fabric by looking at its momme measurement

If you want to know the weight of a fabric, all you need is its momme measurement. Mommés are comparable to ounces. You can find this number by looking at the woven labels on either side of your favorite dress shirt or jacket and then dividing that number between two (because there will always be both numbers). The larger one represents pounds per square foot while the smaller one measures grams per meter squared. If you take those two measurements and multiply them together in order from largest first down to smallest last, it should give an accurate representation of what type of fiber was used for your clothing item!

Momme (mm) range

A quick look at the typical momme (mm) range for common weaves of pure silk can help clarify the meaning:

The word “momme” might be foreign to you but it’s a unit that measures weight in raw textiles. A weave with higher density will have more threads per square inch and thus, weigh heavier than one made of lower-quality fabric like cotton or linen.

Gauze: 3 to 5 momme

Organza: 4 to 6 momme

Chiffon: 6 to 8 momme

Crepe de Chine: 12 to 16 momme

Charmeuse: 12 to 30 momme (used in a silk pillowcase or sheets)

Raw silk: 35 to 40 momme (heavy, textured silk)

The Advantages of Silk Fabric with Higher Momme

  • Better durability
  • Higher tensile strength

Silk fabric is naturally soft and luxurious, however, the higher quality silk fabrics are even more elegant. The advantages of a high momme count vary depending on what type you use it for.

The Disadvantages of Silk Fabric with Higher Momme

  • Lower drape and stretchability

As silk fabric gets heavier, the disadvantages of using it become more pronounced. The higher momme weight (ounces) will make your project take up a lot of space in storage and can also be quite expensive as well if you are not cautious about how much is used per yardage. We always recommend that our customers use only the required amount for their projects to avoid these issues altogether!

The Benefits of Silk for Hair and Skin

Silk is a natural protein fiber that holds in moisture, making it an excellent fabric to wear on your skin. The material provides smooth coverage and cools the body during hot weather while retaining heat at night when temperatures drop which makes them perfect for sleeping attire all year long! Silk also helps protect against harmful UV rays as well. Not only can you feel great about wearing silk but you’ll look beautiful too with healthy hair after regular use of this amazing fabric because its thick texture gives hairs volume like no other luxury item would be able to provide.

Silk has been used for centuries to help keep hair and skin healthy. The material is quite versatile, making it perfect for a number of applications including clothing, home decorating (such as bedding), and medical procedures like surgery or bandages. Silk can also be found in makeup products—even eye shadow!

This natural fiber locks moisture into the strands which allow you to style your hair without fear of damage from heat styling tools often required by other fabrics such as cotton or polyester. A silk pillowcase will let your face breathe better naturally than those made with synthetic materials that are known irritants when they come into contact with delicate facial features while sleeping at night; this helps prevent acne breakouts too!

The Best Silk Fabric

AliceTod is passionate about silk. All of our products are made from the finest and most luxurious material on Earth, Grade 6A mulberry silk that comes exclusively from Bombyx mori worms who dine delicately off only one variety of trees – Mulberry leaves.

The silk fabric used for our sheets and pillowcases is not only soft to the touch but also free of chemicals. OEKO-TEX® Certified (Standard 100) tests ensure that these items are safe by screening harmful substances in consumer textiles.

Take Away

Conclusion paragraph: As you can see, the momme weight of a fabric is an important thing to know. The silk fabrics that are available have different qualities and uses for them depending on their momme weight. It’s always good to be aware of what kind of material you’re purchasing so that you know exactly how it will serve your needs! Have any questions about this or other aspects related to selling or buying silk? Let us know – we want nothing more than to help make sure our customers get exactly what they need from us at a fair price.

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