The Best Mulberry Silk Duvets in the UK

For anyone who is looking to upgrade their current bedding to a more luxurious duvet, one of the top materials on the market today is mulberry silk duvets. Mulberry silk offers homeowners a luxury duvet at a reasonable price point. There are many reasons why you may want to consider switching over to this material, so today, we’re going to share with you the benefits of adding a mulberry silk duvet to your bed this year.

What is a Mulberry Silk Duvet?

If you aren’t familiar with mulberry silk, you might be wondering what makes this material different from regular silk or other materials that are used to make quilts. Mulberry silk originated in China, where Mulberry trees produce leaves that silkworms then feed on. The cocoons these silkworms spin then create the raw silk fibers, which are used to create a wide variety of silk products. Mulberry silk is one of the highest quality materials on offer for bedding, and it comes in a pure white colour with long individual fibers. This type of silk is very durable, which is why it’s ideal for use in a duvet or bedding that you’ll use most days.

What are the Benefits of Mulberry Silk Duvets?

While cotton is the material that the majority of homeowners in the UK associate with duvets, many individuals are seeing the benefits of switching over to silk duvets. One of the reasons we love mulberry silk is that it’s a natural and odorless material. Mulberry silk is 100% hypoallergenic, and it contains sericin, which is a natural protein that minimizes the chance of an allergic reaction occurring. If you or your partner suffers from allergies, eczema, and rhinitis, it’s the ideal material to add to your bed, and you’ll enjoy a much more comfortable night’s sleep. You may not know that the typical UK mattress could hold up to 20,000 dust mites, which silk bedding will work to reduce the effects.

Silk is a very breathable material, which allows your body to regulate its temperature with ease. If you are someone who struggles to sleep during the warmer summer months in the UK, it’s the ideal material to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. On the other hand, it’s still a great option for the winter months, and the duvet will offer you good heat regulation. Heat is able to escape from the grid design of the duvet, so it’s an excellent solution to use at any temperature. Finally, one of the top reasons we see so many people switching over to silk bedding is how comfortable it is. Your duvet will feel much lighter than your typical cotton duvet but will still keep you nice and cosy in the night. The softness of this material can’t be beaten, which is why it’s being tried and enjoyed by so many people in the UK today.

What are the Disadvantages of Mulberry Silk Duvets?

There are very few drawbacks to consider when purchasing a mulberry silk duvet, and most individuals in the UK find this type of bedding completely transforms their sleeping experience. You may find that a mulberry silk duvet is more pricey than the cotton duvets on sale, but this is due to the time and effort involved in the creation of this type of material. Most people find their new silk duvet to be an excellent investment, which lasts for many years. However, to extend the life of your silk duvet, we always recommend adding a separate cover to the duvet like you would with a cotton duvet. While this may be an extra expense to go with the purchase, it will add many years to the life of your silk duvet.

The other consideration when using a silk duvet for the first time is that the material is much more delicate. You can’t treat it in the same manner as you would a cotton duvet, and we recommend only spot cleaning a marked area if you find any stains on your duvet. Make sure you don’t wash your new bedding too often, or this can decrease the lifespan of the material.

Why Is a Silk Duvet Worth Buying?

Mulberry silk duvets are suitable for almost any bed in the UK and are worth the additional cost in comparison to your current bedding setup. The main reasons that homeowners in the UK love this type of bedding so much are that they offer a much more comfortable night’s sleep and keep you warm or cool throughout the year as desired. They’ll last you for many years of use, and if you suffer from allergies, you’ll no longer be kept awake each night due to your bedding.

Who Should Buy a Mulberry Silk Duvet?

Ultimately, a mulberry silk duvet is an excellent investment for anyone in the UK. We highly recommend this option for anyone who struggles with allergies, who may find they are irritated by their bedding or mattress currently. Sleep helps us function properly in our everyday lives, and when your sleep is disrupted due to allergies and irritation, it can be an extremely frustrating experience.

On top of that, anyone who finds they wake up in the night due to feeling hot or cold will appreciate the heat regulation that a mulberry silk duvet will offer. You’ll no longer feel stuffy in the summer months or freezing cold in the middle of winter. If you lead a busy life and always look forward to relaxing in bed each night, a mulberry silk duvet will offer you a luxurious experience that you’ll look forward to at the end of each day.

Mulberry silk duvets are an excellent option for anyone in the UK who is looking to improve their bedding this year. For the full mulberry silk bedding experience, also look to add mulberry silk pillowcases to your bed, which will offer additional benefits and an even more comfortable night’s sleep. For more information and to view our full range of mulberry silk duvets, check out our website today.

are all of the highest quality and will offer you all of the benefits listed above when they are added to your bedroom. We ship our products directly to the UK and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about adding this luxury bedding to your home this year.

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