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Feels good, smells good, looks good, and really helps me keep steady during practice. It feels solid. The cork isn't super thick so I worry it might wear over time but haven't seen any evidence of that yet. Love it.


The length is perfect- the mudras help my concentration- the texture and thickness enhance my asanas

Very nice!

My hands no longer slip and the light cushioning is perfectly comfortable for my knees and wrists.

ALICETOD Cork Yoga Mat 5mm
Frank Butterfield
Best. On the internet

I like the feel of cork - especially when the room is warm. I don’t feel like I stick to the mat, or that there is a great deal of effort to keep it neat


After many allergic reactions to the toxins the basic yoga mats release, I began my search for an eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mat. After some research I learned that cork yoga mat’s are the best route to go and I happen to come across this one. Absolutely LOVE the cork material it is made of, it’s soft and flexible. When I have previously gotten it wet, I was surprised that it was not slippery! Excited to continue to utilize this mat for the rest of my classes.


This yoga mat is amazing! It looks nice and super durable! Easy to wipe off and roll up! Very comfortable to do workouts on! It is made with much more durable material then cheaper versions! Its definitely worth the money! I absolutely LOVE this mat! It's exactly what I expected it to be from its photos and description! Its a bit heavier then other yoga mats but its from the extra durable material so well worth it! I love it and would definitely recommend!+

Great mat!

Looking for a new yoga mat after mine died. I chose this one because it was longer and wider than my previous one and it works well with having a child running around or wanting to be involved! It's 5mm thick which is perfect since I have tile floors and bad knees. You can barely feel through it and it's very soft! It's great for at home and when I go into the yoga studio. My favorite part is the nonslip though! Most mats I've tried slide around during different moves and this one was perfect. 10/10 would definitely buy again!

Comfort and ease

This mat is very comfortable and supportive. Since I have arthritis, this is an especially important feature. The mat is easy to care for and always looks great.

So impressed with this cork yoga mat! Highly recommend.

I can’t even begin to express how impressed I am with this cork yoga mat! It was much more solid and even longer than I expected (both are good things!). The material is so soft and flexible. I’m excited to try this out in my next class. Highly recommend!

Great as a gift.

My wife loves it!

Beautiful yoga mat, great quality

I am so happy I found this mat! Great quality and absolute stunning. I sweat a lot and was worried about the material but no issues so far.

Really great mat

I love this mat. I don't slip at all when my hands get sweaty and it has a smooth finish to it. Also its pretty padded and supports my knees and head also for headstand. I highly recommend this mat!


By far the best mat I’ve found for my sweaty hands and feet- it actually gets MORE grippy the more you sweat. Definitely a high-quality, durable product. Love it!

Works well!

Soaks ups sweat and not slippery.

Great for beginners!

I have never owned a yoga mat before, so I end up doing a lot of my workouts on the hardwood floor, which has not been enjoyable.

Beautiful design and premium quality.

It is beautiful, comfortable, and of good quality.

I would recommend this.

Love it

This yoga mat is so beautiful and prefect! I don’t slip on it and it’s extra long. I have gotten so many compliments on it! Love it and have to refrain from buying all of them 😝

This is the mat for me

This mat is thin and great for balance and stability. I was very skeptical of this mat when I first received it, as I thought it would not be very grippy during downward dog. It actually gets grippier with more sweat, which I provide it with a lot of during hot yoga. The absolute neatest thing about this is, that when I clean it at the end of class, my towel glides right over it like it is glass. My last mat wanted to grip my cleaning towel more than me! I can't imagine a better mat.

It's great!

My family has been loving this mat for doing pilates, it is comfortable and does not slip. I love that it is made out of sustainable materials, and I believe I will be using this for a long time.

I absolutely adore this mat. It's a bit heavy, but worth the weight.

I've owned this mat for several months of regular use now. It's in the same condition as when it arrived, and I absolutely love the natural feel of the cork when doing yoga on it. It really grips well when wet, so if you give it a little spritz with water, a hot yoga class will go really nicely with this. It doesn't slip or stretch out on any surface, and I've found that the material wipes off and dries nicely when hung over my staircase banister to dry. I would recommend actually cleaning it off properly with a gentle soap and water on a washcloth every now and then, as I've found it can grow to become slightly greasy to the touch if you have left a lot of sweat on it. It's definitely not the lightest mat if you're hoping to lug it around, but it is definitely sturdy and nice. I'd buy it again if somehow this thing wears out on me!

ALICETOD Cork Yoga Mat 5mm
Carol B. Sessums
Best yoga mat EVER!!

I was gifted this luscious yoga mat. Never thought of getting a cork yoga mat before but a friend of mine loves hers so I had mentioned I wanted one. It's larger and much longer than my cheaper store-bought yoga mat, plus it helps with cushioning against my hardwood floor. Loving that it's natural fiber - good for the environment and me.

ALICETOD Cork Yoga Mat 5mm
Christine Fritzke
Highly recommend - Perfect for my at home barre workouts!

ABSOLUTELY love this mat! I'm a huge fan and plan on buying this as a gift for my best friend. I always want to support eco-friendly and sustainable companies

ALICETOD Cork Yoga Mat 5mm
Fantastic yoga mat

I'd recommend anyone who's passionate about yoga for a better experience than any TPE mats out there .It is sufficiently thick, soft, super comfortable and non slippery nature. So it keeps me stable in all my poses. I feel safe using this mat, it is non toxic and no allergic reaction has been noted after several months of contact with it.


I love this mat its thick but lightweight. I love the color it goes with my decor

Great value! Highly recommend this mat

One of the BEST choice I have ever made! I have been through three regular yoga mats and a friend of mine recommended the AliceTod brand. Love the eco-friendliness of it. Non-slip and the perfect size, it is actually lighter than I expected. Definitely looking forward to using more often and will make sure to recommend to all my yoga friends!