GAINNY – No Washable

12 customer reviews
  • Design for Fall
  • Filling with high-quality 100% 2-in-1 mulberry silk
  • 150cmx200cm
  • 200cmx230cm
  • 220cmx240cm
  • 1000g
  • 1500g
  • 60S Cotton Satin White

Product Description

ALL-SEASON DUVET-MULBERRY SILK FILLING & 100% ROYAL COTTON COVER: This All Season Silk Duvet is filled with 100% Long Strand Mulberry Silk Floss which resists breakage, prolonging the life of the silk duvet and covered by 100% premium cotton, very soft and comfortable. It is not too bulky or heavy like a down duvet but It is warm in cold winter, breathable and not overheating in summer.
EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP, DURABLE FOR MANY YEARS: BOX STITCHING: No Box Stitch to destroy silk structure, just long strand silk filling with special fixed techniques. Short Zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection, well made with silk stuffing evenly distributed throughout. Four corner taps are designed to secure the duvet in place.
ENJOY A GREAT SLEEP-PROMOTE HEALTH: Enjoying a good night’s sleep is an important part of good health – Silks can help! These premium quality silk duvets from AliceTod feature ‘long strand’ silk threads. Silks can breathe, providing a consistent temperature for sleep. You will keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer Because silk duvets allow far better heat regulation than down or polyester duvets there is very little sweat produced throughout the night.
REAL SILK FILLING, SKIN FRIENDLY: Silk Duvet Is Filled by 6A Grade long strand mulberry silk floss, Long Strand Silk Is the Best Silk Which Offers All The Benefits Silk Material Has; Super soft and smooth yet 3 times breathable than high-quality cotton, best for skin care. Spot Fix Filling ensured No shifting while not damage the long strand silk structure.
EASY CARE & HIGH STANDARD QUALITY: Silk Duvet Can Just be Air Cleaned every few months on the line or balcony out of direct sunlight, Do Not Wash It By Washing Machine.

Shipping & Return

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Care Instructions

  • Not Washable
  • Do not dry clean
  • No ironing
  • Do not expose to the sun
  • Dry in the shade
  • Hang to dry in the shade
  • Do not overpress
  • Spot cleaning

Size & Fit for Bedding

  • 150cmx200cm
  • 200cmx230cm
  • 220cmx240cm


12 reviews for GAINNY – No Washable
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  1. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    The best silk comforter ever

    I am a silk lover. It is so soft and smooth just like a baby’s skin. But the most important reason is silk does not cause allergy. I got bad allergy on polyester and feather: skin rashes, severe itching, stuffy nose, and even shortness of breath. I could not get sleep at night. Silk comforter is my relief on bedtime. The cover for this silk comforter is great soft cotton, and I put another duvet case cover on it. Temp 75F is what I set at night on a memory foam mattress and covered with this comforter. It is extremely light and very comfortable to sleep with.…the best experience: NO allergy!!!

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  2. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    I purchased the summer duvet and couldn't be happier..

    I purchased the summer duvet and couldn’t be happier… it’s incredibly soft and lightweight, stitching/construction is flawless. I purchased the King and after I received it, realized that I should’ve chosen the California King (I measured incorrectly). The customer service rep for AliceTod was incredibly helpful with the return process and sent me the size I needed before I’d even had a chance to mail the other one back. Side note: I’m a hot sleeper and did some research into the coolest fabric recommended as a duvet cover (you definitely need a cover for this, it is a luxury item and cannot be washed)… linen is the answer… I had a linen duvet cover made to fit the dimensions of this comforter and the combination of the two items is just perfect.

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  3. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Excellent and Speedy Delivery!!

    Wow!! I got this handbag in the mail and I’m confused because I never ordered one and this one was beautiful!! My beautiful and sumptuous soft silk cal king comforter was inside!! WHAT A PACKAGING SURPRISE!! My hat off to this company for EXCELLENT PRODUCT & SPEEDY DELIVERY!! I ordered it yesterday and it came today!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Im definitely buying from this seller again!! Hubby and I love the feeling of silky cool sheets and always buy 100% bamboo sheets etc for years. Our comforters are usually silk as we love the warmth and light weight which is the key for us!! This is even better than the one we bought in China during our trip there some years back. Cal king sizes are hard to find especially in silk comforters. This company carries it and so so glad I’ve discovered them at reasonable price. Xmas gifts for my daughters this year!! NO BRAINER!!

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  4. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Excellent quality and very helpful staff

    I have owned two silk duvets for about 12 years and was looking to purchase a Cal king for our new bed for summer use on Vancouver Island and winter use in southern California. I saw that AliceTod had a lot of very good reviews and thought I would give their duvets a try. We purchased the Cal king summer duvet and I was a bit skeptical that it would be too light for southern California winter. We sleep with the patio wide open so the temperature in our bedroom is cool but not usually much below 60 degrees. However, once you insert the duvet into a cover (which I strongly recommend), it provides optimal warmth and comfort for our liking. The duvet comes with several cloth loops, not just the corners, but also along the sides, for securing it inside the duvet cover. Unfortunately, the duvet cover we purchased (from a different company) only comes with 4 corner ties. I had a few questions for the manufacturer regarding warmth rating and quality of the cotton duvet covering. They got back to me in under 24 hours and were incredibly helpful. They indicated that the cotton covering is a 300 TC. I also received a 47″ x 35″ mini duvet which is very convenient for using on the couch or while napping on a recliner. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend AliceTod to my friends and family.

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  5. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    I have to say I am very satisfied with this lightweight silk comforter

    I had several silk comforters and down comforters that were too hot for summer time. Bought this comforter a few weeks ago. I have to say I am very satisfied with this lightweight silk comforter. It is indicated that the comforter has a long zipper provided on the duvet (seller is so confident…LOL). That’s true, I found the zipper and was able to pull the silk out to test it. Google it if you don’t know how to test the material. I was curious and performed a burning test at home. It smelt like burned hair, looks like genuine (artificial silk or polyester smells like burned paper or plastic). I have been using this comforter for two weeks and it was perfect, since I hadn’t woken up sweating, and it was warm enough under air condition. So far all I can say is I am pretty glad with this silk comforter. Highly recommend. BTW, attractive packing bag….I have never seen this beautiful package bag for any comforters before.

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  6. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Very impressed with the Winter style comforter.

    I purchased the King Winter Comforter and the Spring King Comforter. I had a little hesitation buying the winter comforter. I tend to sweat or get hot when i sleep. I’ve slept with the Winter comforter 2 nights now and i haven’t got hot, sweaty or had to kick a leg out from under the comforter to cool off. It’s very breathable because the silk. I can say without a doubt these are best comforters I’ve ever owned. I know their pricey, but i don’t think you can put a price on a good night’s sleep. The only slight issue is that you have to handle with care when washing. It does come with specific instructions for washing. I also would highly recommend a duvet cover. A added bonus would be the way its packaged. My girlfriend likes cute things like that. I attached a photo so you can see the thickness of the winter comforter.

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  7. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Like a Soft Cloud

    This gorgeous comforter was delivered, wrapped within the box like a gift. There was no zippered plastic bag holding this lovely thing, no. It was neatly folded, tied with a satin ribbon, placed within a fabric-type bag, then zipped into a cloth duffel bag. It felt like it was my birthday when I opened this Amazon box. I would highly recommend this seller for that alone. They take excellent care in preparing their product. They care about the consumer’s first glimpse. The blanket itself…DIVINE! It is like a soft cloud…dreamy and light. I slept like a baby last night. Speaking as a woman in the over 50 crowd (with all of the “benefits” enjoyed therein), I endorse the wonder of this beautiful blanket. I will take it with me when I travel. Back in the lovely bag it will go and off to wrap me in sweet dreams wherever I go. ***I encased my comforter within an organic cotton duvet. The duvet is also extremely light and breathable. It is recommended that this comforter be kept protected at all times, as it is not machine washable. I have to say that the amazing quality renders this item worthy of any consideration I must take to keep it safe.*** I am so happy to have made this purchase!

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  8. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    The Comfort Enlightenment

    This is literally amazing and has changed my life. It is so soft and the perfect weight for a hot FL summer (I sleep with my house at 72 and with a fan on). I have always wanted a duvet but always found them too heavy, this one is perfect and (the summer version of course) breathable. I gave it a cotton duvet cover (BuLuTu Queen duvet cover) and it fit perfectly. This duvet also does a good job of staying in place inside the cover because even when I don’t tie the ties it stays which makes my life easier. You should cover your duvet to protect it, but the material on the outside of this one is so soft I did not even want to and on the inside you can unzip it to feel the silk and determine if it is real or not. It has 4 little things on the corners so you can tie your cover in.

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  9. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Revised tentative review, great comforter

    I am tentatively changing my review in lieu of the absolutely excellent customer service I received from the seller. I am a hot sleeper but need something to cover myself with, this comforter does the job for me. I really can’t remember being hot with this thing on me so far. It is very light and extremely soft. I love just rubbing the thing together and feeling just how soft the silk is inside. If you do decide to buy this, take the advice of pretty much everybody on here, the seller, and me…buy a duvet cover for it. It is white, thin (summer model) and you cannot machine wash it so you need to protect it. This is a luxury item and needs to be treated as such. I am pretty sure most of my original problems with it came from me not using one. The seller went really above and beyond anything I imagined to make it right and I thank them for that. I have a duvet cover ordered and am going to take about a month to see how it goes and if everything holds up, I will bump my review to 5 stars.

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  10. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Soft comforter but quality issue

    I bought this blanket in mid July 2020 and it was soft and comfy. Very light . But By September this blanket start to show fuzz then I realize the silk thread inside the cotton cover started to come through every where in this comforter and it felt like spiderwebs hanging out when I put my palm brush on top of it. It was a great start but did not last for the expensive spring comforter. I was planning to get one for the winter as well but definitely will not now.

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  11. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5
    Silk could keep body cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool

    I have been using silk products for a long time. It is said that as a natural material, Silk could keep body cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. Well, I’m not that believe this statement. But I have to admit, silk blanket or comforter are much comfy than other material, such as down and polyester. I had purchased some silk comforters by other brands, and when this new brand was recommended by some friends, I just tried ordering the lighted version – summer one, and a 3-piece bedding sets as well (honestly I only need the comforter cover). Nice presentation in this listing page BTW. I always hesitate to purchase any comforters without information of net weight of filling material. Those important parameters are very clearly indicated by this seller for different seasons. With that summer comforter on my bed, I was able to sleep deeply, didn’t wake up too hot or cold. There is no offensive chemical smell, no allergic stuff. Don’t know how to identify silk, but seller do provide long zipper to allow you to take a look at it. Plus, with those clasps provided, it is easy to tie to comforter cover (when you buy duvet cover, recommend check if it is equipped with strings) so that it won’t slipping and sliding inside the cover, else you may want make a few yourself. Totally satisfied with this product. So I ordered fall and winter version to my friends as a gift. My friend said she feel she slept like a queen with the new silk comforter, she is very happy and satisfied with this product.

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  12. Verified Buyer
    5 out of 5

    This silk comforter was to replace an old one that my husband and I had purchased in China. We were happy to find that our new comforter is of better quality and workmanship. It is lightweight and yet warm when warmth is what we need and somehow just right when the weather changes to hot. Most importantly, our old comforter was made so that it could not be washed while the new one can be laundered. And….we didn’t have to go to China for it!!!

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