Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter Blanket for Kids Crib Cradle


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    A bespoke blanket to fit children of all ages and statures, it is filled with mulberry silk natural silk fiber filling for a warm yet cool sleeping environment.

    • For those with allergies, this product provides an allergen-free sleeping environment without dust mites or scents.
    • Our pure, organic, cozy, and healthy mulberry silk-filled comforter will make your night pleasant like sunshine on a rainy day. Worries about the discomfort of kids are not found when they are sleeping with our product made from natural material like plant fibers.
    • Silk holds moisture in the fibers inviting warmer temperatures during winter and cooler temperatures during summer and can absorb 35% more water than cotton resulting in less perspiration on your little one’s skin which aides both sleep quality and relaxation making bedtime routine easier on parents too!

    All the time our product is restrained from chemicals that may irritate skin or have any bad influence on health including heavy metals for its high-quality linens not contain traces of lead, cadmium, mercury, or other toxic chemical residues that are potentially dangerous for family’s health when using other products as their substitutes.

    So choose ours now don’t let children prefer others because this is a special offer only available at AliceTod.



    Baby Blanket Cover

    Blue, Pink

    Silk Filling

    250g, 500g, 750g, 1000g, 1500g

    22 reviews for Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter Blanket for Kids Crib Cradle

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    1. It’s definitely a surprise! No smell. It fits very well. The comforter is very soft, light, and comfortable! Great product for sure.

      Natalie Reinger (verified owner)

    2. I bought this for my 5-year-old. We own a cottage that we go to on the weekends and I wanted to surprise him with this set. Up until now, the room was just the basic cottage guest room and since it’s exclusively where my son sleeps, I wanted to make it more like home. I even found a fabric with a similar style that I made pillows and curtains to complement this bed set. It’s VERY comfy! It’s lightweight yet still keeps my kiddo warm when it gets chilly at night. Really great set for the price! Very easy to match sheets and decorations.

      Ressie Wiegand (verified owner)

    3. Very soft and warm

      Antoinette Kertzmann (verified owner)

    4. Packaging and softness! this duvet comes in great packaging, it was like a gift from me to me! they normally come in a bag along with a regular brown box, however, this one is excellent for gifting! the box is super beautiful and smooth to eh touch! then the box opens up nicely and it comes with a hard paper sleeve too, great quality, soft, smooth to the touch, and fast shipping too!

      Kamron Lakin (verified owner)

    5. I am so relieved to find out this comforter is very soft, not too thick and well made… and very warm! I wondered if it may not be warm enough, but it’s certainly warm! I like that it’s from natural silk too. I wanted a natural option alternative to goose down (though I have no problem with goose down, my hubby didn’t want it), so it’s a great alternative that satisfies us both. This comforter is just right, it’s in between thin and thick as comforters go, which is a plus. We’re very happy with this product! 💕😁

      Annamae Monahan (verified owner)

    6. this is the best blanket in my life👍👍👍👍

      Alexandro Weimann (verified owner)

    7. Very pleased with this bedding set! Purchased for my 3 year old daughter & she loves it! The color is a soft muted pink & the material itself is nice and soft. The comforter is perfect for warm & cool weather but I live in Ca where it doesn’t get too cold. Colder areas may require another blanket but that’s no big deal. Will definitely buy this brand again!

      Korbin Swaniawski (verified owner)

    8. it’s light, airy and at the same time warm and cuddly. Reminds me of sleeping on a cloud.

      Anika Ernser (verified owner)

    9. Adorable comforter. I have three little girls who all share a large bedroom together and I was looking for coordinating comforters for each bed. The brand had a cute pink and a blue. I bought both and the room looks refreshed and adorable. I love it.

      Saul Willms (verified owner)

    10. I liked the comforter very much. It’s one of the few comforters I’ve bought that is actually enough for my baby’s bed. The size of the comforter is very generous.

      Talon Koepp (verified owner)

    11. Brightened up the kids’ bunk beds and overall room. My 3 & 4 year old girls love them. The quilts are light enough for the summer and warm enough for colder nights. Lightweight enough for the girls to make their beds easily and not have to struggle. Also, easy enough for them to handle and wash them all by themselves, which makes them feel very grown-up.

      Wendy Rutherford (verified owner)

    12. We transitioned our 5 y/o from the toddler bed to a full size bed and this is the bedding she picked out. She is a small tornado and cheaply made products are no match for her. I was skeptical about the quality of anything that was less than $50, but she INSISTED that she wanted this bedding. It’s been in use for 4 months, and so far, so good.

      Thad Heidenreich (verified owner)

    13. I purchased this comforter for my 3-year-old daughter, and she loves it! It is exactly what I expected. Here are the things I like about this comforter: It is very soft and good to snuggle up in It is as warm as you would expect from a comforter The price is great! Things that I don’t like: nothing. It is exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for a comforter, look no further.

      Vanessa Sawayn (verified owner)

    14. Light weight and very soft

      Carmine Wisoky (verified owner)

    15. So much better than I was expecting. The perfect blanket for my sweaty child. My daughter sweats when she sleeps and usually kicks her covers off. So far she has kept this one on. It washes up nice and it’s soft.

      Ellen Sporer (verified owner)

    16. Perfect weight, just be sure you’re aware it isn’t washable, so put a duvet cover on and air out as recommended.

      Kayli Mueller (verified owner)

    17. There is nothing like sleeping under the silk. This is the perfect complement to our silk duvet cover we bought in China many years ago.

      Adele Krajcik (verified owner)

    18. This comforter is light and airy, but a definite heat-trapper at night. I used to wake up from under 2-3 subpar blankets, tormented by the idea of rising against the chilled morning gravity. Now I find myself awakening with one leg protruding like a drumstick trying to escape the heat of the rotisserie. It’s soft. It’s warm. It’s like sleeping in a sun-soaked cloud.

      Franz Brakus (verified owner)

    19. It Arrived Today & When Opened The Box, I Thought I Was(once again) Sent The Wrong Product. I Thought I Was Sent A Sleeping Bag Because How It Was Rolled Up So Tight! But To My Surprise, It Was The Right Product. It’s So Soft & Light! And At A Cheap Price But Good Quality!

      Obie Crist (verified owner)

    20. I bought this for my son. He loves the color pink, I know weird huh? He loves this comforter so much he refuses to allow his dogs on his bed any longer. They have no idea why? He does this so he doesn’t get dog hair on it, which we think is funny but confuses our 3 dogs. He thinks this is the best thing ever!! He tells us all the time how much he loves the color, how soft it is. How lightweight it is and not heavy. He love love loves that he is not waking up sweaty at night. All in all I would buy him another in a different color when he is ready for a color change for his room.

      Duane Barton (verified owner)

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    Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter Blanket for Kids Crib Cradle


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