Thread Count: The Best Definitive Guide to Bedding

Thread count is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for bedding. It can make a world of difference in how your sleep feels and how long you’ll be able to stay asleep, so finding the right thread count for your needs should be at the top of your list. Every person has different preferences, but there are some things you should know before making a purchase. This post will give you everything you need to know about thread counts so that you can find what’s best for YOU!

1. What is thread count and why does it matter?

The meaning of hread count is a measure of the number of threads woven together in one square inch. The higher the thread count, the higher quality of your bedding is likely to be. Higher thread counts will also mean that you’ll have less space between each individual fiber and therefore more surface area for comfort while you sleep. Threads are what make up all fabrics, so higher thread counts ensure softer feeling sheets and comforters- no matter how thick or thin they may be!

Counting threads doesn’t sound like too much work but it’s really important when shopping around because many retailers sometimes use “thread weight” which can lead people into thinking they’re getting something better than they actually are. In reality, this just means there are just heavier.

For example, a 400-thread count blanket will feel less dense than an 800-thread count one even though they have the same weight and thickness of thread. The higher thread counts also produce softer sheets that often wear better with age because higher quality materials are used in manufacturing them. You’ll spend more money on these high-quality products upfront but you won’t need to replace them as often or worry about things like pilling happening over time which is a huge downside of lower-cost bedding!

In my opinion, you should consider high thread count bedding if your budget permits. Because higher the thread count the better.

2. How to find the perfect thread count for you?

Thread count is a bit of an esoteric topic so it can be difficult to find the perfect thread count for you. The higher thread counts usually mean higher quality, but don’t expect higher prices for higher-quality bedding! You really want to get what is right for your budget and needs because this will make all the difference.

In general, more thread count the better. I would recommend starting with 400 threads per square inch Ґ or 800 if you have some extra money in your budget) when you are purchasing new sheets even though lower numbers might feel softer and better initially. If that feels too low then try something around 600-700 like our Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set which has long been one of my favorites on reddit due to its balance of quality and price.

3. The best bedding materials (down, cotton, wool)

Why do you need to know what the best bedding materials are? There’s always a debate about which one is better, cotton or down. Some people argue that cotton is more comfortable while others say it doesn’t retain heat as well and some claim wool has itchiness issues. If these concerns have been keeping you tossing in bed at night, I’ve got something for you!

I just took a survey of the reddit community and asked what their favorite bedding materials were. The winner by far was cotton, with 47% of people saying it’s their go-to material for sheets. Down came in second at 27%, while wool only got 18%. So if you’re still stuck between these three choices, I hope this will help make your decision easier!

4. Buying tips for sheets and blankets 

1. Make sure the sheets are made of cotton, silk, satin and not polyester

2. If you’re buying a blanket, make sure it’s appropriate for your climate

3. Consider adding an extra layer to your bed with a thin sheet or duvet cover to keep warm during cold nights

4. For warmer climates, consider buying lighter-weight sheets and blankets that can be washed more often

5. Buy fitted sheets that fit snugly on your mattress for better comfort

6. Look for thread count – higher counts are usually better quality but also more expensive

7. Make sure you wash any new linens before using them so they can shrink into their proper size

8. If you’re looking for a new comforter, measure the height of your mattress and get one that matches those dimensions as closely as possible

5. Care instructions for your new linens 

You’ve just taken a great step towards achieving your dream of furnishing your home with all new linens! However, you need to take care when washing and drying them.

If the instructions say to “Wash separately,” be sure that they are washed alone in cold water without any other clothing or towels using the only detergent on the delicate cycle, if available. They should then go right into the dryer for best results as this will get rid of excess moisture while also making it easier for wrinkles to fall out before ironing is necessary.

It’s time now though–let those pristine sheets rest happily folded up away from sunlight where they’re safe until their next use so that you can enjoy beautiful bedding every night by following these simple steps.

6. Common mistakes people make when buying sheets or blankets

1. Buying the wrong size – make sure you measure your bed and buy sheets that are at least 6 inches longer than your mattress

2. Not checking the thread count on sheets – a higher thread count means softer, more durable sheets

3. Forgetting to wash new sheets before using them for the first time – this will help remove any leftover chemicals or dye from the manufacturing

4. Purchasing white sheets instead of ivory or another color because they’re cheaper in price but don’t match as well with other colors

5. Spending too much money on expensive linens when affordable options exist like Target’s Threshold brand which is made from quality cotton and less expensive than other brands

6. Not purchasing fitted sheet sets even though they’re more expensive because they are easier to keep clean and last longer than flat sheet sets

Take Away

Thread count is a relatively new term in the bedding industry, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most important factors when shopping for sheets. Higher thread counts mean better quality and longevity which means you can sleep more comfortably because they are less likely to rip or break down over time. If you want high-quality sheets that will last longer than your traditional ones, then look for a higher thread count. Which sheet sets do you have now? How many threads per square inch does it have? Is there anything else you would like to know about this topic before making a decision on what type of sheets to buy? Comment below!

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