What are Mulberry Silk Duvets?

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Before we start introducing silk duvets, let’s introduce you to silk and mulberry silk.

1. History of Silk

The word silk originates from the Old English word sioloc. The production of silk started in China in the period of Neolithic. After that, it reached everywhere in the world. However, silk production was limited to China for a notable period.

Later in the 1st millennium BC, a few points for silk production opened around the world. Interestingly, China has maintained a virtual monopoly over silk production for thousands of years.  

In ancient China, silk was used in the development of fabric. There are two pieces of evidence of the presence of silk protein fibroin at two tombs Jiahu and neolithic which were historically developed 8,500 years ago. The earlier use of silk fabric was found almost 36230 BC to wrap the newly born baby’s body at Yangshao culture near Xingyang, Henan. The people also give credit to a Chinese empress Leizu for developing silk. The emperors of China had silk for their personal use and they gift to other countries.

After that, it spread around the world especially Asia through sociality and geography with the help of Chinese culture. The silk became famous because of its luster and texture for luxury fabric throughout the world which were accessible by Chinese merchants.

Moreover, Silk also has a never-ending history in the sub-continent. The people of India and Pakistan call silk “Resham”.

2. Silk Producing

Many insects are producing silk. However, the silk of moth caterpillars is being used in the textile for manufacturing clothes. Different kinds of silk are containing different levels of the molecule. Larvae of insects having complete metamorphosis produce the maximum silk.

However, raspy crickets and web spinners insects produce the silk in their whole lifetime. Silverfish, wasps, bees, ants, mayflies, leafhoppers, thrips, lacewings, beetles, flies, midges, and fleas are also producing silk. Arthropods especially arachnids such as spiders are producing silk.

A protein fiber that can be converted into textiles is known as silk. Fibroin is used in the composition of this protein fiber.

The insect larvae build up cocoons for the production of silk. The cocoons from excellent silk because the larvae of mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori are unique in captivity.

The glimmering of the silk is because of its triangular prism shape of the fiber. Moreover, this appearance allows the silk clothes to band the light from various angles and create various colors. 

3. So What is Mulberry Silk?

The highest and the most refined form of silk is known as mulberry silk which is available in the market for clients. The color of mulberry silk is pure white and it is composed of several individual long fibers. It is the most famous and quality silk as compared to other kinds of silk. There are also other kinds of silk-like Habotai silk and wild silk which are not much uniform in texture and color because of the shorter strands.

The products manufactured from mulberry silk are containing more durability. These products are also the most luxurious among other silk products.

3.1 What it can make?

Mulberry silk is being used in the manufacturing of duvets. So, these duvets are made of mulberry silk. These duvets can be made by sewing the cloth to make a bedding bag. After that, the bag will be filled with mulberry silk material.

Moreover, duvets will provide a top layer for bedding to provide a better sleeping experience. These mulberry silk duvets will allow your body to pass the heat through duvets during sleeping.

By using these duvets, your body will remain warm up but not overheated throughout the night. You will feel comfortable during sleeping in the presence of different temperature levels The characteristic of allowing your body to escape from heat neither hot nor cold. It is the reality that mulberry silk containing long fiber which is healthier than simple silk because of fewer bacteria build-up and less sweat quality. Mulberry silk duvets will drape on your body and hug the contour of your body. In this way, you will note a less cold spot between the duvets and your body.

These duvets are made in such a way that duvets cannot bunch inside the duvet casing. Moreover, a long filament of silk is containing the silk in the form of a layer.

Silk duvets are not simply stuffing the cocoon into the bedding bag. Instead, it needs to be processed into duvets that can be used to make silk duvets. The processing is divided into two types: hand-made and machine-made.

Hand-made Raw Mulberry Silk
Hand-made Raw Mulberry Silk
Machine-made Raw Mulberry Silk
Machine-made Raw Mulberry Silk

3.2 Why use Mulberry Silk Duvets?

Are you suffering from any type of allergy? You need a mulberry silk duvet because it is containing several benefits over other duvets. There are several reasons to use mulberry silk duvets in your bedding time. Silk is very resistant and hypoallergenic to dust mites which is making it clean and neat for use during sleeping. This duvet is providing you with relief from itchy skin such as eczema and rosacea. You will also get relief from the pains and aches because these are caused by ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis. Moreover, a silk duvet is the best choice for those who are allergic to the present chemical in synthetic duvets. The qualities of heat-insulating and breathability are making sure that these silk duvets keep the users warm without affecting their bodies. The capability of moisture-wicking is keeping the users’ beds dry.

These duvets will keep your body more comfortable than any other duvet because of their lightweight. As mulberry is considered an excellent quality of silk in the presence of other kinds of silk. Because of excellent silk quality, mulberry silk is being used as a filler in the duvets. The mulberry silk is also known as bombyx and cultivated silk because of its use in the duvets. The duvet makers are filling the silk duvets with mulberry silk for a better user experience.

They have stitched the duvets with their hands without any machinery before putting them into their cases. However, the cases of silk duvets were made of cotton, especially Egyptian cotton. The duvets makers are sewing a loop in the silk inner by their hands to restrict the silk from moving back and forward. In this way, there will be a protection layer for silk from any crush or damage inside the case.  

3.3 Advantages of Mulberry Silk Duvets

Here, we are going to discuss only five benefits of mulberry silk duvets.

  • Excellent for dryness of the body

It true that all of us sweat during sleeping. However, an average person faces more issues of sweat every night. So, it is hard for our bed to wick the sweat moisture if we want to sleep comfortably.  The traditional beds come in a variety to wick the moisture because of the use of cotton in the manufacturing of beds. But, mulberry silk is more useful and breathable as compared to cotton. Mulberry silk can dry moisture fast and decrease the humidity of your bedding by a value of 50%. You will feel more comfortable through dry bedding because of mulberry silk duvets.  

  • Overheating Protection

The mulberry silk duvets will prevent your body from overheating during sleeping. The advantage is that it will help you to save yourself from hot flashes. It is more powerful than traditional bedding which causes overheating in your body. Traditional bedding will trap your body and can’t reduce your body temperature. Moreover, your body keeps producing heat during sleeping in the night. In this way, your body will get warmer and sweat will be started. However, these silk duvets will evaporate and cool down your body temperature. In his way, your body will be unavailable to reflect your body heat. These silk duvets are more breathable and efficient in wicking your sweat away and your body will remain cool throughout the night. The extra water will also be wicked away and there will be no issue like sweat.

There will be no presence of humidity or water in your bed even in the extreme temperature. So, your body will be able to maintain the temperature and prevent you from overheating when you are sleeping under a mulberry silk duvet.

  • Discourages Microbial Growth

The characteristic of wicking has the ability to discourage fungi and bacteria from being grown in your bed. Moreover, wicking will help your bedding to protect your bed from these microbes. As fungi and bacteria in need of water to continue life. Through these duvets, they will be unavailable to grow.  

  • Reduction in Allergies

Silk bedding protects your bed from microbes and creates a protective layer for the dust to enter the track. As dust mites are the fundamental trigger to propagate allergies. So, these duvets will protect your bedding from invading. In this way, silk duvets are decreasing the chances of allergies. The reason behind using these duvets is that mulberry silk is not treating with any chemical. So, it will not cause any kind of allergy. The thread of silk is very soft due to which silk dues don’t need to experience harsh treatment. So, there is no chance for dangerous chemicals like pesticides to pollute your bed. There will be no inhaling of toxins during sleeping under the mulberry duvets during breath in the bedding.

  • Improvement of Complexion

Using silk duvets, you will see improvement in your skin. It is making sure to improve your skin by reducing bacteria and there are no chemicals. So, there will be fewer chances of infecting your skin. These duvets will not allow bacteria to cause acne and your skin will remain safe. In this way, there will be fewer chances of acne breakouts. As mulberry silk is providing natural bedding, you will get a reliable sleeping experience. The mulberry silk is helping you to keep your body dryer. Moreover, it will also protect your body from various allergies and overheating, creating several issues for your body. 

3.4 Disadvantages of Mulberry Silk Duvets

  • Expensive

Mulberry silk duvets are expensive as compared to other fabrics such as polyester and cotton. The price of these duvets is higher because of the quality of silk.

  • Need of a lot of care

The silk duvets don’t need special care but a lot of care. You need to wash the duvets in washing machines in an efficient way. Wash your silk bedding sheet and duvets in cool water on a smooth cycle of the washing machine. It is recommended to use a detergent for washing and mesh laundry bags for the safety of duvets from tears and snags.

  • Fading in sun

No doubt, silk is famous because of its beauty and unique luster. However, it is facing the issue of fading when placed directly into the sunlight.  So, it recommended putting the silk duvet away from sunlight.  

  • Silk is very delicate

Silk is a very lustrous and softer material. As silk is very delicate, you need to take care of your duvets in a proper way. These duvets will be long-lasting as soon as their cotton counterparts will be safe.

4. Is it worth buying?          

It is very expensive to buy mulberry silk duvets. Moreover, it is very important to know more and more about mulberry silk and duvets. You can buy the duvets from online as well as offline stores.  Mulberry silk duvet is the best product which is coming with several unique and attractive features.  Here, this guide will give you a sense of understanding to easily buy the silk duvets. There are several reasons which are ensuring that it is worth buying. Some of the reasons given below:

  • Silk is a smooth and incredible material
  • It is a hypoallergenic fabric that has resistance against fungus, mold, and dust
  • It is a long-lasting material
  • Silk is the best for all weathers including extreme summer and cold winter
  • Comfortable for better sleeping in the nights
  • It is the best choice for your hair and skin because it will help your body to retain the moisture

5. Who should buy it?

Are you looking for healthier and luxurious duvets? You should buy these mulberry silk duvets. It is a natural product which is containing several benefits over other duvets. These duvets will provide relief to your body through softness.

Now we have four types of mulberry silk duvets for each season:

Go and check the right for you!

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