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Yoga Mat That's Perfect For Your Mind, Body and Spirit.
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Cork Lightweight Mat

The most Eco-Friendly yoga mat ever made. Made of 100% Portuguese cork, without cutting down the trees.

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Feels good, smells good, looks good, and really helps me keep steady during practice. It feels solid. The cork isn't super thick so I worry it might wear over time but haven't seen any evidence of that yet. Love it.

United States

Looking for a new yoga mat after mine died. I chose this one because it was longer and wider than my previous one and it works well with having a child running around or wanting to be involved! It's 5mm thick which is perfect since I have tile floors and bad knees. You can barely feel through it and it's very soft! It's great for at home and when I go into the yoga studio. My favorite part is the nonslip though! Most mats I've tried slide around during different moves and this one was perfect. 10/10 would definitely buy again!

United States

I have never owned a yoga mat before, so I end up doing a lot of my workouts on the hardwood floor, which has not been enjoyable.

Tessa Valone
United States

This yoga mat is so beautiful and prefect! I don’t slip on it and it’s extra long. I have gotten so many compliments on it! Love it and have to refrain from buying all of them 😝

United States

I was gifted this luscious yoga mat. Never thought of getting a cork yoga mat before but a friend of mine loves hers so I had mentioned I wanted one. It's larger and much longer than my cheaper store-bought yoga mat, plus it helps with cushioning against my hardwood floor. Loving that it's natural fiber - good for the environment and me.

Carol Sessums
United States